STEM School Shift

Best Practices in STEM

Our team of STEM professionals has extensive knowledge of Best Practices in STEM at all levels. We know what is out there, what has worked and what has not worked. We have not only researched worldwide best practices in curriculum, STEM projects, and after school programs, but we have been hands-on with many of them -- including building our own STEM schools from the ground up.

We can customize and work with your school or district to implement a multi-year strategy and roadmap depending on what level you wish to achieve. We can provide ongoing support to keep you up to date with new programs, and help with traceability to standards.

Strategize and Prioritize

The first step to becoming a successful STEM school is evaluating your current level. By assessing where you're excelling and where you're falling short we can begin customizing a plan to help set goals and establish timelines.

Because of our experience with developing STEM schools we are more than equipped to help you on the path to revolutionizing the way you educate.

Envision the Future

The ultimate goal of a STEM school is to prepare students that are ready for careers in the modern world. Our pathway puts an emphasis on introducing students to useful life skills at an early level so that they're confident when it comes time to pick a job.

Training Educators

It's important that the relationship between a teacher and their students is constantly reaffirming the importance of learning all the time. With our teacher training we offer valuable projects for teachers to bring back to their students.