STEM Innovation Centers

STEM Innovation Centers

STEM Revolution and its partners provide both full turn key solutions and/or program and activities support for STEM INNOVATION Centers. This can range from designing your center, getting the facility built, and/or include full program activities and training for students, teachers and community..

While we can customize to the clients needs, some examples of Programs, Activities and exhibits follow.
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Resource library of STEM lessons and innovative hands on activities for their classroom, with examples in the center for them to try.

STEM Revolution Premier Teacher training designed to help teachers shift to a STEM Methodology and how to develop innovative skills in their students.

We focus on five areas:
1. Engaging Exhibits
2. Competitions
3. Gamification of Learning
4. Outreach to Community
5. Student STEM activities including entrepreneurship opportunities

Engaging Exhibits
To get the engagement, it is important the exhibits are hands-on and students can immerse themselves in the learning and experience. We would do an initial study with recommendations based on physical space available and budgets.of the client.

Competitions are one of the best ways to engage students, have them learn 21st century STEM and innovation skills, and provide visibility to the community and the worldlogy space challenge that involves STEM (robotics AI, coding) and includes a research project.

Gamification of Learning (Game Room)
Using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Kinect and gaming consoles these activities have shown to engage students in a game with technology while learning the orbital mechanics of space travel, physics of space, propulsion and planetary exploration.

Community Outreach
Regular keyNote Speakers and Community events helping parents see the value of STEM and innovation in their child’s learning. Inviting the community to see students success

Student STEM and Innovation Activities
State of the Art hands on activities that develop 21st century skills in an innovative setting for learning custom designed using latest technologies and best practices.