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UAE Phase 2:  STrEaM Training in the Abu Dhabi and Southern Emirates


The success of the partnership between STEM Revolution and the UAE’s Ministry of Education has led to Phase 2 of transforming the government schools to hubs of innovation through STrEaM.  An additional 250 teachers and 90 principals and core team members from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra participated in STEM Revolution Level 1 STrEaM Training.

This work focused on developing a common understanding of the STrEaM initiative through a clear definition and working knowledge of the core STrEaM practices.  Participants left the training with the ability to lead and deliver learning through the lens of developing innovators.

To date, this training proved to be the most successful training event in STEM Revolution’s history.  Participants from all over the world left the week long training stating that never before in their life had they been more energized and prepared to deliver meaningful learning opportunities for students in their classrooms.

While we take great pride in developing the most relevant and meaningful trainings, our transformative work is only possible thanks to the support of our world class trainers.  A special thanks goes out to our Level 1 trainers.

Abu Dhabi Trainers

Tim Dalby - Massachusetts

Alex Hill - Missouri

Jen Velez - Arizona

Al Ain Trainers

Chad Kogutkiewicz - Wisconsin

Amy Carlson - Washington

Travis Moulton - Wisconsin

Shannon Ryan - New Mexico

Dhafra Trainers

Medynn Call - Idaho

Spencer Willett - California

World Class Trainers

Learn more about our world class trainers by visiting website:

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