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STEM Revolution At The VR Bash

On October 5, 2017, STEM Revolution stepped into the metaverse at the 2017 VR Bash. Put on by the Idaho Virtual Reality Council, this event was held at Boise’s JUMP Event Center where more than 20 exhibitors showed off the most innovative technology and applications for virtual reality. From classrooms and home realty to the medical field and road construction, VR is transforming school learning, professional training, and more. Some of our fellow exhibitors included, HTC VIVE, Bastian Solutions, VR1 Arcade, and Citizen Scientific.

STEM Revolution Virtual Reality Bash
At the VR Bash, STEM Revolution shared InMoov, Google Cardboards, Hololens, Oculus Rift, and VIVE with hundreds of attendees. We loved the opportunity to show adults and youth innovative virtual reality technology, as well as, show them that VR fun is easily accessible and affordable by using Google Cardboards and a smartphone. We also enjoyed this opportunity to attend the VR Bash and learn how to better implement virtual reality and augmented reality into our programs.

STEM Revolution sees a lot of opportunity for virtual reality and augmented reality to be incorporated in the classroom. Some of our favorite applications of VR/AR in the classroom include virtual field trips, visual learning, and risk assessment.

Google Expeditions brings learning to life using Google Cardboards to transport a classroom to destinations around the world and beyond. From the Great Barrier Reef to Mars, virtually anywhere is available for students to explore and learn. To assist in visual learning, augmented reality such as the Virtual Tee by Curioscope, brings the respiratory system to life. VR/AR helps students visualize what they are learning and foster a better understanding of the material. VR can also be used to educate youth about risk assessment, for example the It Can Wait Driving Simulation by AT&T educates students about the dangers of texting. This first hand experience can help alter the behavior and reduce texting and driving accidents. VR/AR isn’t just about fun and games, it can have a real impact in the classroom.

STEM Revolution enjoyed attending the 2017 VR Bash. We look forward to the next one and hope to see you there!
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