STEM Revolution is excited to announce its latest addition to the team, Manal El Masry. Manal is STEM Revolution's new director in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), coordinating the company's STREAM Training Program with the country's Ministry of Education.

Manal is from Cairo Egypt. After graduating from AIn Shams University in Cairo, Egypt with a B.A. in English Literature and Translation, she also received a diploma in Marketing and Business Administration from American University in Cairo. Manal's work experience involves marketing, business development, and event management for over 23 years, serving at the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates as a Senior Marketing Specialist and a Senior Commercial Specialist, respectively. During both roles, her responsibilities included: developing and delivering new concepts and campaigns, organizing national and international events, conferences, setting marketing strategies, recruiting sponsors, and executing a large number of marketing and promotional activities, such as trade shows, trade missions, training workshops, festivals, public competitions, health awareness, and sports campaigns, etc. She has won numerous honorary and monetary awards for exceptional and outstanding service.

Manal's hobbies include reading, traveling, community service, and event organization. She views herself as a self-directed, passionate, and enthusiastic person, who has the ability to motivate others, as well as, initiate and execute projects. She's going to be an excellent addition to the STEM Revolution team.

When it comes to STEM, Manal is passionate about transferring the educational system into a STEM integrated system, engaging students and preparing them actively for the careers that are flourishing in this century and for those yet imagined. Manal looks forward to working with STEM Revolution to introduce, facilitate, and expand STEM, not only in the UAE, but in the local region as well.

We are so excited that Manal has joined our team and see our programs develop further in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.