Our World Class Trainers

MeDynn Call

MeDynn Call makes learning meaningful and engaging. She is dedicated to creating authentic experiences for her students as a means of fostering their love for learning and helping to prepare them for their future. Her dynamic teaching style incorporates hands-on learning and plays well with all types of learners and ability levels. She studied Secondary Education at Utah State University and is certified in the biological and natural sciences. She has served as a classroom teacher, led STEM summer camps, and inspired other professionals as a STREAM trainer. She enjoys quality time with her husband and 2 sons. She is a fan of traveling and loves to hike and camp with her family in the outdoors. She also enjoys being a youth group leader for girls, ages 12-14, and a foster parent for children in need.

STEM Rev Experience Statement:
My work as a STEM Revolution trainer has been very rewarding. It has kept me on the forefront of teaching the finest educational strategies available and has allowed me to associate with the most celebrated teachers. The STEM Revolution team truly inspires teachers to be great leaders in making a positive difference in today’s education system.
MeDynn Call
Darbie Valenti