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Laura Toma

Laura Toma believes that education is the superpower every child needs to change the world. Her greatest focus is to empower students to think on their own through workshops and trainings on innovation, entrepreneurship, STEM and design thinking. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication, and Master Degrees in Visual Arts and International Business. Laura is a communication and education consultant with over 9 years of experience spanning 2 continents and 3 regions, working to develop and implement learning programs for the full spectrum of organizations, from NGOs to governmental entities, from startups to MNCs, from K12 schools to universities. She is currently the CEO of Grey Matter, a company based in Dubai, UAE. Laura likes to read and travel and writing and she is the organizer of the Dubai Edtech & Education Meetup, as well as Critical Reading Skills Meetup.

STEM Rev Experience Statement:
Having the privilege of being a STEM Revolution trainer allowed me to work and learn from amazing people from all over the world and bring transformation to classrooms from public schools from UAE.
Laura Toma
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