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Joni Smith

Joni Smith is a proud middle school STEM educator who is a bold advocate for learning and helping kids reach their full potential.
She embarked on a journey to remove the negative labels from her students and replace them with positive ones. The students owned up to their identity and became leaders both in the classrooms and in their community.

She has completed her undergraduate degree at Southeastern Louisiana University and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Education Leadership with Walden University.

She has been teaching for 10 years and has grown into a powerhouse of an educator helping both students and teachers reach their full potential. In recognition for her commitment to high standards, she was awarded as the 2017 Louisiana State Teacher of the Year, the 2018 Young Alumnus of the Year for Southeastern Louisiana University and Louisiana Life Magazine named her the 2018 Louisianan of the Year.

She has a gift of bringing the most struggling students down a path of success.

This small town teacher has a big vision to be a bold advocate for students no matter their socioeconomic status.

STEM Rev Experience Statement:
The body of work that STEM Revolution delves into is in alignment to my personal educational philosophy. Working as a trainer with STEM Revolution stretched me professionally and I am also eager to inspire, assist and lead people to be impassioned about STEM. By doing so we are changing the face of education to be better suited for practical learning.
Joni Smith
Darbie Valenti