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Hope Parker

Hope Parker is an advocate of student empowerment, equal education, social entrepreneurship, engineering mindset and real world impact. She is believes all students deserves support, guidance and resources to learn how to overcome life's challenges and be the best iteration of themselves. Hope studied Elementary Education at Montana State University – Bozeman, M.Ed at Arizona State University, and is DISC and CPP assessment certified. She spent several years working as a 6th grade STEM teacher then transitioned to managing the a top Full-time MBA program and is currently a Director of a K12 Engineering Education and Outreach program. She also serves on the national American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) - Pre-college Engineering Education (PCEE) Board and has been recognized as Exemplar Employee of the Year and recipient of the Impact Award in Performance. In Hope’s free time she loves traveling the world, meeting new people, hiking and working out, and watching her beautiful daughter navigate and explore her first year in college.

STEM Rev Experience Statement:
My work as a STEM Revolution trainer has been incredibly rewarding. It has been an honor to work with some of the finest trainers and learn from teachers and administrators from around the world. Each one has had an impact on my personal and professional growth and truly believes that each student can reach their fullest potential!
Hope Parker
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