Our World Class Trainers

Geoff Gailey

Geoff Gailey is committed to working with developing scientists and science teachers all across the globe. He has worked with immigrant and refugee students as a classroom teacher for over 10 years. In addition to a Masters in Biology and Secondary Education from Cornell University, Geoff has also sought continuing education in Physics, Environmental Science, English Language Development, and Spanish as a foreign language from institutions across the United States and Guatemala. His most recent teaching assignment was at Oakland International High School, where he taught Physics, supported first year science teachers, wrote district curriculum for newcomer students, and facilitated professional development. Currently, he works as an education consultant, specializing in Science Curriculum, Assessment, and Professional Development. In his free time, Geoff is an active community member in the Portland area, volunteering with a wide variety of local organizations working with the homeless, immigrant, and refugee populations.

STEM Rev Experience Statement:
As a content developer and trainer STEM Revolution, I have had the privileged to be a part of the exciting and dynamic team of professionals that plans and delivers these amazing experiences. And still, it is the teachers I have met and the schools I have visited in my time working with STEM Revolution have truly inspired me. In my experience, I have seen teachers across the globe find relevant and engaging ways to revolutionize their classrooms.
Darbie Valenti