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Dr. Lorna Finman

A former NASA astronaut candidate with a passion for inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM fields, Dr. Lorna Finman established an award-winning STEM Charter School, engineering summer camps in multiple cities, and STEMbusUSA.org - a high tech non-profit that reaches 40,000 students per year with its mobile discovery lab, and high energy STEM demonstration at their school. A recipient of the Innovator of the Year award for her selfless volunteer work with students, Dr. Finman recently kicked-off a new venture as a technical director and mentor for the NASA Project DaVinci CubeSat for global outreach in STEM education. Dr. Finman, a Master and Doctoral graduate of Stanford University in Physics, took her passion for encouraging students to a new level when she established the ‘Governor’s STEM Action Center’ where she remains a founding board member and active advocate for STEM outreach. With one patent to her credit and multiple awards from the United States military for innovation in troop safety, and strategic defenses, Dr. Finman is the CEO for LCF Enterprises, a high-tech engineering firm in the Northwest USA. In her accomplished career, she was program manager for the Sunshield Corporation, and technical director of Raytheon’s multi-million-dollar Research and Development Program.
lorna finman
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